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What isPsychodrama?

Psychodrama is an action method conceived in the early twentieth century by Dr. Jacob. L. Moreno, a psychiatrist from Vienna.

Psychodrama” consists of two words:

  • PsycheThe psyche refers to an individual’s emotional and psychological make-up.
  • Drama – Drama simply means to “put into action”.

In short, Psychodrama highlights an individual’s psychological and emotional make-up by putting it into action on the stage.

How doesPsychodrama work?

In psychodrama, people explore and enact situations from their own lives.

This allows them to identify the obstacles that are keeping them from implementing positive change in their lives.

They often experience a change of perspective as they witness their psychodrama. Opportunities arise for people to undo the past, redo the present, and experience a desired future using “future projections”.

Who canbenefit from Psychodrama?

Psychodrama has been applied in a diverse range of settings. It provides a safe space for learning to repair relationships, regulate emotions, and address other issues of concern.

Psychodrama has been useful in helping people with trauma, loss and mood disorders (such as anxiety and depression). It also works well for people who have been diagnosed with personality disorders and other mental health conditions, such as psychosis.

When used in conjunction with other therapies like CBT, Psychodrama adds an element of interactivity.

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