Psychodrama Singapore Be The Change

Psychodrama Singapore is an initiative developed by Promises Healthcare, dedicated to the practice and teaching of psychodrama in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. We want to inspire change in people through psychodrama methods and build them up to do the same for others.

Psychodrama Singapore Our Founding Story

Psychodrama in Singapore is in its gestational phase and is slowly becoming more accepted as part of mainstream psychotherapy. Founder and Director of Psychodrama Singapore, Sharmini Winslow, first heard of Psychodrama whilst training for her Masters in Counselling back in 2007. After looking for training programs around the region she found a weekend workshop in Australia and signed up for it. The workshop had her intrigued at how quickly the psychodrama method could open people up and get to the ‘heart’ of things. This led her to pursue training with AANZPA (the Aotearoa Australia New Zealand Psychodrama Association) for 7 years clocking over 1000 training hours. 

In 2013, Promises with Psychodrama Singapore ran its first 3 day training with TEP (Trainer Educator Practitioner), Rob Brodie from Australia. This brought in a lot of interest and several people attended the workshop.  This was followed up by monthly Taster workshops called Open sessions. The groundswell of enthusiasm for psychodrama had begun. We then invited other TEPs from AANZPA to run further training in 2104 and 2015.  In 2016 after connecting with Rebecca Walters at a workshop in Europe, we ran our first workshop on Sociodrama and Storytelling for Children.  Rebecca continued to provide supervision and training, visiting Singapore from 2016-2019 to run different workshops and to teach at the APBAM (Asia-Pacific Behavioural & Addictions Medicine) conference.  In 2020, due to Covid19 restrictions, we regretfully cancelled a workshop on Addictions and Psychodrama featuring Jenny Salimbene, a TEP from the New York area.   

Meanwhile, in 2016, Sharmini found HVPI (the Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute) in upstate New York which had CORE training run for students from all over the world. She completed her Psychodrama Certification with the American Board of Examiners and is now a C.P., Certified Psychodramatist and P.A.T., (Practitioner Applicant for Trainer) 

Psychodrama Singapore has been promoting the use of Psychodrama since its inception in 2013 with Open Nights, Personal Growth groups and Training workshops. Having experienced different styles of psychodrama and training courses, we at Psychodrama Singapore offer an eclectic style of Psychodrama which we hope will inspire many to experience and train in the powerful methods Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Sociometry and Role Training.

Our Vision Be The Change

  • To facilitate spontaneity and role training for individuals who wish to function more effectively in their lives.


  • To provide training for therapists and facilitators to learn techniques and tools used in the Psychodrama method.


  • To provide training for individuals interested in pursuing Psychodrama certification.