Reimagining Relationships : Healing from bad relationships & building new healthy ones

In his psychodrama theory of human development, Jacob Moreno believed that early relationships shape our future roles and ability to be spontaneous. From the early stages of life, we learn to “double” and “mirror” people we are in relationship with. We eventually learn to “role reverse” with others and develop empathy. If this process is disrupted by trauma, dysfunction or addiction, we develop maladaptive ways of relating to others, often resulting in isolation and loss of confidence in our abilities to form truly meaningful connections.

In this 6-week course*, we will look at our strengths, developed through adversity and examine our vain attempts to continue pursuing relationships in the old ways we used to. Using a multi-sensory approach of psychodrama, journaling and guided visualisations this course will enhance your functionality in everyday life. As we discover new and spontaneous ways of being with others, we experience our relationships being reimagined.

Fridays, Apr 30 – Jun 4, 2021, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Topics covered:

  • Discovering My Inner Strengths
  • Identifying Old Relationship Narratives
  • Processing My Loss
  • Doing, Undoing, Redoing
  • Forgiving and Moving Forward
  • Reimagining My Future Relationships

*A prerequisite of basic understanding of Psychodrama is needed via attending one of our Introduction Workshops/Open Sessions or equivalent. Our next Introduction Workshop is on 15 April 2021. Sign up here:

April 30 @ 18:30
18:30 — 20:30 (2h)

Bluebell Room

Sharmini Winslow, PAT

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