Group work & Training

Psychodrama Sessions

Psychodrama is useful in group work and we hold a variety of weekly group sessions in guided dramatic action. Each Psychodrama includes:
1. The protagonist: Person(s) selected to “represent the theme” of the group in the drama; the person whose story or issue will get re-enacted.
2. The auxiliary egos: Group members who assume the roles of significant others in the drama
3. The audience: Group members who witness the drama and represent the world at large.
4. The stage: The physical space in which the drama is conducted
5. The director: The trained psychodramatist, who guides participants through each phase of the session.

Open Sessions:
Introduction to Psychodrama

Our Open Sessions are beginner-friendly and will introduce you to the world of psychodrama and its wonders.

Personal Growth Groups

Our Personal Growth Groups will use psychodrama which employs a combination of experiential methods – sociometry, role theory, and group dynamics – to facilitate insight, personal growth, spontaneity, self-discovery, and integration of the mind, body and emotions.

Psychodrama Training

Training in psychodrama will give you a theoretical and practical understanding of the methods of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. The techniques learned in psychodrama taught in Psychodrama group work and training can be used for action interventions with groups, family, couples and individual therapy.