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Psychodrama Training Cohort 2024

Our Training Cohort offers intensive psychodrama training experience for professionals and students in the fields of mental health, substance abuse and recovery, creative arts therapies, religion, law, human services, personnel management, nursing and medicine, group facilitation, and education. These year-long formats create communities of learners committed to personal and professional growth. They provide safe places in which to develop spontaneity as a director, auxiliary, protagonist, and group member.

Each year in our Training Cohort special topics such as the use of psychodrama in individual therapy, action methods with children and adolescents, working with anger and fear, spontaneity training, working with resistance, sociodrama, the use of the body and working with trauma may be offered. There will be many opportunities for student directing.

Program Requirements

Cohort Training is open to students at all levels of experience with the following prerequisites:

  • 25 hours of previous psychodrama training, including one Psychodrama Singapore/ HVPI Intensive or its equivalent.
  • Masters degree holder or studying a Masters degree program
  • Currently in a therapeutic relationship
  • Pass an intake interview with trainer(s)

IMPORTANT: ALL interested candidates are required to undergo an intake interview before enrolling for the Cohort. Please submit your details for an intake interview here.

Dates & Times

The cohort will meet 4 times per cycle; Thursday night, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 100 Psychodrama Certification Hours will be awarded at the end of the training cycle.

Session 1: 2 – 5 May 2024

Session 2: 5 – 8 September 2024

Session 3: 9 – 12 January 2025

Session 4: 8 – 11 May 2025

Ticket Prices*

Early Bird: SGD 2,690 (ends 4 Mar 2024)

Standard: SGD 3,090

*Prices exclude GST

Registration closes on 22 April 2024 or earlier if at full capacity. Due to the structure of the training, seats are limited to 10 pax. Don’t miss out – sign up early!

Check out our registration page for more information or email us at

Previous Trainings

Psychodrama Singapore Intensive 2024

We are excited to have our Psychodrama Singapore Intensive Training Program take place in 2024.

During this highly experiential workshop participants will learn and practice the psychodramatic method, its structure, skills and techniques which are applicable to work with individuals, couples, families and groups. You will learn:

  • doubling
  • role reversal
  • concretization
  • warm ups

through structured exercises, vignettes and full psychodramas. Group members will have the opportunity to learn the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the psychodrama method in a safe environment. With the guidance of our facilitators, you will have the opportunity to experience the roles of:

  • protagonist
  • auxiliary
  • group member
  • director

Psychodrama skills will be taught through a combination of didactic and experiential processes with handouts provided.

Students at all levels of experience are welcomed. However, you must have attended at least one Psychodrama Singapore event or have prior psychodrama experience. Otherwise, an intake interview is required to assess suitability before you register.

Due to the structure of the training, seats are limited to 18 pax. Don’t miss out – Sign up early! Registration closes 08 January 2024 or earlier if at full capacity.

Check out our registration page for more information or email us at

Psychodrama Training Cohort 2023

*Closing date for registration is a week before each workshop.

Sharmini Winslow shares her thoughts about Psychodrama and the certification process.

This is a beautiful example of Applied Sociometry; uncovering and building connections between people in groups and community.