About Psychodrama Singapore

Our Vision

  • To facilitate spontaneity and role training for individuals who wish to function more effectively in their lives.
  • To provide training for therapists and facilitators to learn techniques and tools used in the Psychodrama method.
  • To provide training for individuals interested in pursuing Psychodrama certification.

What is Psychodrama?


Conceived by Jacob L Moreno, Psychodrama employs guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues raised by an individual. Using experiential methods, sociometry, role theory, and group dynamics, Psychodrama facilitates insight, personal growth, and integration on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels. It clarifies issues, increases physical and emotional well-being, enhances learning and helps develop new skills.

Who is Psychodrama for?

Psychodrama is for everyone and anyone who would like to experience the spontaneity and ‘magic’ of working with action methods. Whether your focus is personal, professional, therapy or training, if you’re interested in the creative exploration of yourself using action as well as words, then you will value and enjoy the personal liberation, self-expression and insights that it elicits.

In Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

The vast majority of conditions in psychiatry and therapy can be treated using psychodrama. Common issues addressed by Psychodrama include:

  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety and  depression
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm
  • Alcohol and substance abuse

Our Director

Sharmini Winslow is a Certified Psychodramatist (CP) and Practice As Trainer (PAT) with the ABE or American Board of Examiners. She has trained with the Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute and AANZPA (Aotearoa Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association).

Her background in Performing Arts (BA) and Counselling (MC) influenced her to develop a dynamic and innovative form of group therapy. Sharmini is the Director of Psychodrama Singapore under the auspices of Promises Healthcare and as the first CP in Singapore is passionate about pioneering this action method in Singapore. Under the umbrella of Promises Healthcare, she has run various programs for a range of organizations, including:

• Changi Women’s Prison
• Raffles Counselling Centre
• The We Care Centre
• Singapore General Hospital
• KK Hospital
• The Rainbow Centre
• Executives in Corporations and Banks
• Breast Cancer Foundation
• Dayspring Girls’ Home
• Jamiyah Childrens’ Home
• Singapore Girls’ Home
• The Ministry of Education
• LaSalle College of the Arts

Sharmini’s work includes stress management, altering perspectives, grief work and catharsis of emotions. Her work with clients who have mood disorders incorporates developing self-awareness and motivation for self efficacy and self healing. She facilitates 12-Step recovery and Motivational Interviewing in her work with addicts. Her work with Relationship Trauma Repair has helped facilitate healing for many of her clients using a multi-sensory approach.

Her workshop “Life is a Dance When You Do the Steps” was included at an International conference in Scotland. Sharmini’s eclectic style of counselling and therapy in her Personal Growth Groups and Addiction Groups includes elements of Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Role Training, play and the creative arts. Other workshops she facilitates are “Spirituality and the Steps”, “The Sobriety Shop” and “All in the Family”.