Sociodrama & Story in Childrens Groups with Rebecca Walters at Psychodrama Singapore

Sociodrama & Story in Childrens Groups hosted by Psychodrama Singapore

by Rebecca Walters at Promises Healthcare, Singapore  buttoncreate

Psychodrama, Sociodrama SingaporeFor the first time in the history of Singapore Psychodrama with Rebecca Walters

Sociodrama is a natural, powerful and playful method for helping children develop problem solving skills and try out new behaviors and roles. It helps children
learn how to self-regulate and develop impulse control as well as to safely and appropriately express strong feelings.

Sociodrama and story can be used to address social issues that may arise in the classroom and on the playground such as fighting, bullying and intolerance. They can also be used to address the sorts of issues that commonly are addressed in counseling and therapy groups, such as dealing with abusive siblings, the death or divorce of parents, etc.

Sociodrama and Story in Childrens Groups by Rebecca WaltersIt is a useful medium for teaching social skills and problem solving to students with diverse capabilities and challenges in a wide range of settings.

This professional training will offer participants the opportunity to learn adaptations of the sociodramatic method that work especially well with groups of children ages five though eleven.

Participants will explore, experience and practice sociodramatic structures and variations of sociodramatic action techniques that work with children such as:

  • The Sociodramatic Empty Chair
  • Solo Sociodramas
  • Sociodramatic Role Reversal
  • The Use of the Double
  • Sociodramatic Dialogues
  • Group Created Stories
  • The Use of Newspapers and Current Events
  • Rescue Fantasies and Sociodramatic Heroes
  • Sociodramatic Scenes for Role Training for New Behavior
  • Short Scene Work: Creative Drama and Sociodrama
  • Use of Fairytale and Literature (bibliodrama)

Participants will also learn how to:

  • Choose the Right Story for the Right Time
  • Be an Effective Storyteller
  • Design child friendly warm ups to challenging roles and difficult stories
  • Devise rules that contribute to the working of the group
  • Use action to support pro social behavior
  • Address the needs of the quiet child
  • Utilize the gifts of the highly verbal child
  • Manage the disruptive child
  • Set scenes with safety and containment


buttoncreate25 – 27 November 2016 (Friday to Sunday)
6.30pm – 9.00pm (Fri)
9.00am – 5.00pm (Sat)
9.00am – 4.00pm (Sun)


GROUP/CORPORATE FEES  ( applicable for any booking of more than 1 person )
SGD 600 per person

EARLY BIRD FEE (Till 24 Oct 2016)

Standard Rate – SGD 700 per person
Past participant Rate – SGD 650 per person
Student Rate – $500 per person (Full Time Students Only)

STANDARD FEE (From 25 Oct 2016)
SGD 750 per person

Prices are include to 7% GST

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